Awareness, Action, Compliance and Simplicity.

IPFusion Control is physical security control and integration software that connects systems and devices to provide complete awareness and control of your facility. For Security Operation Centers, Control’s highly configurable dashboards consolidate your systems of any make, model, and vintage; a truly vendor-neutral approach. The full solution is non-proprietary and can be installed, updated, and maintained by any integrator globally.


IPFusion Control offers unparalleled situational awareness by consolidating cameras, doors, alarms and more into a single dashboard. This interface presents information directly to the operator and is customized to meet the specific requirements of the facility.


IPFusion Control improves compliance by displaying Operating Procedures on the dashboard when an incident occurs. Some tasks in the Operating Procedures, like displaying cameras or alerting security, can be automated to reduce human error. A full audit trail is recorded so all events and actions are available for compliance review.


IPFusion Control offers complete command over your facility, ensuring an efficient and effective response to any situation. Whether it’s routine operations or responding to critical incidents, Control provides industry leading management of all systems and devices.


IPFusion Control provides tailored dashboards to display and organize all relevant data and information in a way that is simple, intuitive, and effective. Control is optimized for ease of use and provides flexibility to conform with industry-specific best practices.



Fully customizable and adaptable UIs that can be designed to fit the unique needs of every organization. Experience the drag-and-drop simplicity and personalized dashboard views that bring efficiency and clarity to your security management.


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